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company background

Ideal Educators, a non-profit educational organization founded in 2013 in Pakistan, has transformed from a primary school into a multifaceted institution offering a variety of educational services, including tutoring in Business and Economics, Teacher Training, Consultancy Services through IDEAL EDUCATORS ACADEMY, and comprehensive preparation packages for both IELTS Academic and General testing through IDEAL IELTS ACADEMY. We deliver these services globally, reaching students and professionals in UAE, Qatar, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), and Thailand.

our mission

At our core, we empower students, teachers, and working individuals to maximize their potential. Our mission is to equip our students, educators, and business clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish their goals in a drastically changing world.

our services

Our exceptional online tutoring services use the benefits of online learning, tailored to each student’s individual requirements….

Our experienced tutors create personalized study plans for each student in our comprehensive exam prep program….

We offer personalized career guidance to align with each student’s strengths, interests, and goals….

Our professional training programs are designed to equip teachers and professionals with the knowledge….

We collaborate with schools to develop engaging curricula that meet educational standards….

We work with schools to create engaging curricula that meet educational standards and cater to students’ needs….


Satisfied students Globally
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Business-related Professional Training
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Teacher's and leadership Training
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School's quality control and enhancement services
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Mr. Shayan Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Israh Gouri

Human Resources & Social media manager

Elham Siddiqui(Member of Executive committee)

Elham Siddiqui

Member of Executive Committee

Aneela Siddiqui

Instructional Deisgner

Mujtaba Bilal(Public Relations Specialist)

Mujataba Bilal

Public Relations Specialist

Nafisa Sajid

IT Manager and Web developer

Usama Toor

Learning Resource Specialist

Zunaira Masood

Curriculum Developer

what our students say


“Share your expertise or passion as a guest author/tutor on our platform.”

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